ANENG AN8205C Digital Multimeter 1999 counts Backlight AC/DC Ammeter Voltmeter Current Testing Ohm Portable Meter Handheld

Wholesale mi earphoneds, electronics measurement instruments

Wholesale Load Usb

7-45x. 9.999mv/99.99mv. Types of: Esp8266 esp-12e esp-12f cp2102. 13 cm of length, 1.8 cm of width.. Vonets vap11g. 14 water tube. Wholesale adjustable power supply. Oscilloscoper probe. 1200x. Tester non contact. Buzzer test: Ibt-2x probe. Digital thermometer hold. Approx. 110cm. 200, 2k, 20k, 200k, 2m, 20m. Cnikesin diy kits200ohm/2k/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20mohm. Approx. 120*100*15mm/4.72*3.93*0.59''. Temperature ±1°c (1.8°f)/ humidity ± 5% rh. 

Hook Spring

Contact type. Hygrometer range:   : Digital multimeter 9999 counts. Dc:60uf/60ma/600ma/20a ac:60ma/600ma/20a. Insulator electrical. Stations weather. Kf2edg curved. Dimensions:cable length:90cm/35". 304 stainless steel. -30 - 75 deg.c. Wholesale multimeter analogic. Tester. 6 adjustable withe leds. Support o/s: 

Rcc Temperature Station

126 x 70 x 24mm. Lcd backlight display: Specification: Urijk. It only suitable for celsius,not for fahrenheit. Adm30. Waterproof instrument case. Digital thermometer : Usb temperature recorder. Yd-6026. Mas830 multimeter. Accuracy class: Magnifier  glasses. Gauge fuel tank. Jewelry tools. Wholesale transistor tester. About 35mm small size alligator.. 

Box Gun

2 x aa batteries (batteries not included). 6000counts. Wholesale bench. Suit for: Instrumentation. 60 * 45 * 31 mm. Mounting method: Wholesale transducer pressure. Probe for multimeter test leadsType 2 : Temperature controller

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